About Arcadio

Arcadio was born in 1969 in New York City of Puerto Rican decent. His interest in art was sparked by the colorful graffiti murals that covered the walls and subway systems of the city. For the most part Arcadio is a self taught artist. However, his first lessons in art came from graffiti artists in his Bronx neighborhood. His first paying art job was around the age of 13 when the local church paid him fifteen dollars to paint a backdrop for an Easter play that he did with left over cans of his father’s spray paint. During high school he would occasionally design t-shirts for different school clubs.

In 1995, he made a commitment to studying portraiture and fine art on his own. Arcadio would start buying and reading any art instruction book he could get. One of those books that made him believe that he could get to the next level was “Drawing on the right side the Brain”, by Betty Edwards. In June 2001 he traveled to Pittsford, N.Y. to work with renowned portrait painter Paul Leveille. His other artistic influences and inspirations include Everette Raymond Kinstler, Richard Schmid, Harley Brown, Peter Cowie, Dennis Frost, Jose Royo, and most of all LeRoy Neiman.

Artist Statement

Those of us fortunate enough to make a living doing something we love are truly blessed. I can’t think of anything else I would enjoy doing more than painting for a living. I’m very fortunate in having received such positive responses from art collectors and enthusiasts. I have received hand written complimentary letters from well known artists including several from world renowned contemporary master Leroy Neiman. My art work is in private collections throughout the U.S., and for that I am humbled and honored.

Thanks to all of you who have collected my work and continue to do so; As Paul Leveille would say “Keep the art spirit alive”.