About Artist

Born in New York City, and currently making his home in Tampa Florida, Arcadio’s first lessons and interest in art were sparked by the graffiti artists in his Bronx neighborhood where he grew up. Currently, Arcadio’s main focus is people, and fleeting moments of contemporary life. He draws constantly; from formal portraiture in pencil, charcoal, pastel and the occasional oil, to sports scenes like baseball and boxing using felt pens and prismacolor markers. For two decades Arcadio has documented the Florida boxing scene with on the spot drawings and sketches. In 2015 he received a lifetime achievement award, from the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame for his contribution to the sport through art. He accepts formal portrait commissions, and enjoys passing on the lessons he’s learned by holding art workshops and portrait drawing demonstrations.
To follow Arcadio’s art journey his social media handle is @ArcadioArt.