Welcome to the official website for the artwork of Arcadio Castro Jr. Recognized mostly by his first name, Arcadio is known for his colorful, dynamic pastel paintings depicting such themes as professional Boxing, Baseball, and other sports figures. However, Arcadio has painted countless private portrait commissions to date, and continues to expand on his choices of subjects and mediums. His favorite theme is the figure. Capturing candid spontaneous images of the human figure in action is a challenge that Arcadio takes on daily. I carry my sketch book everywhere I go, and just draw anyone in front of me. Whether it is at a restaurant, ringside at a Boxing match, or at a live theatre performance, I just draw continuously. Drawing everyday from life is the best exercise for an artist to master their craft. Although painting from photographs can not always be avoided, painting from life in an Alla Prima style [painting in one session] is by far the most exciting and satisfying process.